Wonders of the World Materials:

Books to use in presenting background include;

Ancient Wonders, by Tim Wood
The Seven wonders of the World by Kenneth McLeish .

Great Wonders of the World by Russell Ash, and

Wonders of the World by Marc Bergen.

Some videos to use:
Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, Questar Studios, April 30, 2002. ASIN: 6301687620.
The Seven Wonders of the World - Vol. 1. by Artisan Studio. June 27, 2000
ASIN: 0784015139.
Seven Wonders of Ancient World
(2003), directed by Rolf Forsberg. Questar Studios. August 20, 2002 ASIN: B00006LPDB.
Reader's Digest - Great Wonders & Splendors of the World, Questar Studios, March 9, 2004. ASIN: B0001MZ6YM.